Cornerstone Culture Leadership Levels 1-4 Certification Course Descriptions

Currently specializing in: Restaurant Unit Management. Certifications available for these Competency Levels: Novice and Newly Hired Managers, Promotable Managers, Unit Managers, Training Unit Managers, Multi-Unit and Area Managers, and Upper Management. 


These courses are CERTIFICATION courses. Certifications will only be awarded to progressive, well-qualified managers. Monthly evaluations will determine those managers who qualify to proceed in the course. Those managers who finish the courses will be highly valuable to your organization.

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CC Leadership L1 Certification--Foundation

This course is for all uncertified managers, especially novice managers

No prerequisites

This is where it all begins. The Novice or Uncertified Manager Certification starts with the Cornerstone Culture itself, focusing on the Leadership Qualities needed to make the desired transformations. We start by embracing growth and integrity. Since they are the impetus behind any successful change in a business, managers must get certified in this course before proceeding.

Length of course 24 weeks

CC Leadership L2 Certification--Promotable Managers

For Managers progressing toward promotion

Prerequisite: CCL-L1 Certification

With some of the more advanced leadership qualities under development, this course helps ambitious managers get ready for the kinds of communications they will eventually have to master as a Unit Manager. We learn how to help establish the Cornerstone Culture amongst the hourly crew members in the business, focusing in on Respect, Honesty, Friendliness, Kindness, Positive Energy and Teamwork among other topics.

Course length: 24 weeks

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CC Leadership L3 Certification--Unit Managers

This course if especially for Unit Managers and Assistant Unit Managers

Prerequisites: CCL-L2 Certification

In this course we focus on really gaining traction on the 12 Cornerstone Culture key qualities and work in the soft skills of Sourcing, Interviewing, Orientation, Training and high-quality Communications with managers and crew members. From there it's food cost analytics, labor usage strategies and all things P&L.

Course length: 24 Weeks

CC Leadership L4 Certification- Training Unit Managers

For Unit Managers who are qualifying to be a training store and for Training Unit Managers who are being developed for the Area Management position.

Prerequisite: CCL-L3 Certification

As an accomplished Cornerstone Culture Certified Leader you have a lot of ammunition to move forward in your career. This course prepares you to take on the teaching of other managers and their teams by duplicating the process you went through in the first three Cornerstone Culture Leadership modules. It focuses on leadership and motivational communications.

Course length: 24 weeks

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