Virtual Team Meeting


Cornerstone Culture is a live, business leadership online coaching platform for new and seasoned business leaders of all levels who are looking for a path to better results from their everyday efforts.  These on-the-job training courses are designed for each tier of leadership. They focus on basic subjects like lowering absenteeism, getting rid of drama, and sustaining a positive business culture on which great businesses can grow; and move on to completely understanding, implementing and following operational standards, all the way to teaching and supervising these same changes in others, a skill needed by leaders on the GM leadership level and above. This is not done by a one-time this-is-how-it's-done seminar. This is not a self-guided video course. This is a weekly, LIVE, online, deep dive into one of the many soft skills business leaders today need to succeed. This is accomplished with a once each week conversation (1 - 1½ hours), to analyze and engage comment and thought around our topic. We help managers identify and understand their sticking points, shyness, and other obstacles; support them in personally solving the problems they are facing at their own workplace. Then we introduce tools to help create traction and business-healthy habits. We commit to goals. We work on practical, real-life projects. Which means, we start making a difference right away in the business--small, attainable, measurable improvements. And, at the end of the week we hold accountability conversations (another 1-1½ hours) in support groups to encourage each other to achieve our goals, celebrate wins, work through roadblocks, see our personal difficulties, fix personality challenges, take on other obstacles and even failures that set us back and knock us off course. Put that together with integrity, one of the courses main focus points, and managers will begin to understand their role in creating and maintaining real progress, sales building and profitability in the business.